Thursday, 6 March 2014

Extension must for smooth internet surfing

Google Chrome browser

Adblock plus
Blocks the advertisements on the websites
Speeds up browsing
Get rid of unnecessary advertisements

FastestChrome- Browse Faster
Browsing Flawless and quick
Automatically adds extra pages to the first page for eg. For search results- just need to scroll up and down to access

Google dictionary
You can easily select a word, and particular definition is popped up

Skip Ad on Youtube
Escaping ads in youtube

YouTube Downloader
Download a youtube video at desired resolution

Youtube Options
Set default setting for youtube videos(size of the window, visibility of ads and annotations etc.)

Black Menu for Google
Get easy one click access to google menu(maps, translate, web, images)

Fed up of opening facebook, gmail , twitter to check notifications. Try this. It aggregates the notifications for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and more.
Similar to google reader to read the content of your favorite sites.

Media hint
Access videos banned outside the country.

P.S.- not available in the chrome web store. Goto and get free from there.


  1. Adblock plus skips the youtube ads too, so no need of extra extension.
    Other notable extensions can be :
    Evernote web clipper(for those who like to read later what they find on internet)
    Session Manager(saves session of your open tabs and resume when required)

  2. I think you can save sessions in chrome as well.


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