Sunday, 25 January 2015

My bucket list- the crazy dreams

These are the 10 things I want to do before I become Rampyari :P..

1. One day, I wake up and get offer letter for admission from Hogwarts (though I have already crossed the age of 11)

2. To have a daily money swim of uncle scrooge

3. To become Anil Kapoor of Mr. India, to have device to become invisible as well as to have an orphanage

4. Travel all around the world covering its lengths and breadths , shoot every possible site with Petabytes of snaps and narrating these moments of discovery.

5. To own an education channel or organization (making animated videos and other means of education for people who cannot access formal education channels)

6. License to kill (I know its weird ) and eliminate some people from this world :P something similar to Aparicihit movie character

7. Want to fly (literally), sky diving might be the feasible way.

8. To be in a eating contest (if possible daily)

9. Relaxing with my partner on a wooden swing sharing everything

10. To write down my life's experiences probably as an autobiography that everyone is interested to read, and anyone can relate atleast some part of their life with mine.

Last not but least, Need a jinnie to make these wishes come true :P

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