Friday, 10 April 2015

"Google for Google" : no results found : What would be the life then?

Google has become sort of bail-out package for many lives including me. Though it is just another search engine, it has set a bar to the search industry and revolutionized the web today. What if the word "Google" disappears from the world. There is no search engine like Google. What will be your reaction? OH! What! I cant live any longer! I am all alone!
For a moment, lets assume this apocalypse be true. Now what, Wont there be any life then? A famous saying goes as :
"if you dont do your work , somebody else will."

If there was no Google, there wont be any googlization but yahooization or bingization had been the possibility.

If there was no Google maps, mind would have to work a bit more (our grand parents did that and travelled all across the world)

If there was no Google search engine functionality, would countries not develop(O come on China is developing astonishingly even without it)

If there was no Google plus, couldn't the families stay connected (facebook is there). And probably without all these there will be much more real interaction between family members.

If there was no support of Google search engine, wont there be any discoveries, inventions or advancement of human life. Infact, we had a number of revolutions before the present IT revolution. Our food was as delicious as today even before the recipes provided by Google.

If there were no Google ads, won’t the people be not able to knew about the brands in the world? Infact many a times, ads misguide us and get us to a number of unverified information.

If there were no Google, won’t there be any education. Infact I can go to this extent that, Google has killed the institution of teaching. It has become a cheatsheet while doing homework freeing students to think creatively.

If there were no Google, would there be slow pace of learning? Infact it has made us rely on it, and we have become like we do not want to learn because we can get everything, anytime on Google.

If there were no Google, the companies won’t have progressed.

Is the current generation really lucky that they have Google in their times?
I don’t fully agree to this. Kids get to know things they are not supposed to know, or supposed to know from their parents, because goggle cant teach you how to behave morally. They have loads of information, and unable to find what is important for them (the problem of excess).

(Being a Computer engineer, couldn't miss this part- coding without Google.)
I would ask a simple question. How was Google born? There were coders who develop Google without using Google. Probably Google has made coding accessible to many. But its not behind one's coding acumen. Infact it has made us dependent on it. We need to check syntax every now and then. We don’t even try to stress our brain to memorize any of it.

I have read it somewhere that Einstein used his maximum portion of his mind. Probably because there was no Google at that time. Are we making our mind idle deliberately and loving this comfort zone?

At the end, I would say probably we love Google for its compactness- a complete package for most of our needs. Had Google not been there some other company would have been at its place.

Disclaimer: The article is not written to belittle the famous company but just to point out that life is not that dependent on Google. And putting it in the list of things necessary for survival doesn’t hold truth.

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