Sunday, 26 April 2015

India: Perfect Imperfections

Are you an Indian? A disappointed Indian. Are you the one who pick up
the Indian newspaper or watch an Indian news channel in the morning to destroy own happiness and descend the ladder into depression?
Probably you are one of them(I am the one)?

What is the first image most of us have in our mind, when we talk about India? It is  poverty, destitution, over population, corruption, starvation, crime rates and terrorism. 
Indianness has become the passion only at occasional times, either when Indian cricket team is playing in the stadium or when some neighbor knocks our country's borders. On 15th August or 26th Jaunary, it again gets highlighted in the form of selfies(with flag) or facebook statuses.

In the normal times, we are looking to move away from this nation. The number of H1B visa applications (2.5 lakh this year) is the testimony to the fact that people want to leave this place. Probably because this is the place where opportunities are in numbers one could hardly rely on for the safe future. Probably, because this is the land of problems.

Today, the people of India are so blinded by the problems in their nation that they have forgotten the great wealth that lies within. And maybe, just maybe, it is the fault of the Indian media and our prejudices formed because of it.

Why do most of us have so much hatred against the police men irrespective of the fact that we have faced their atrocities or not?

We cry foul against system so much about the system, that we even forget to thank NDRF(National Disaster Task force) for its efforts in the extreme conditions.

It will be a herculean task to enumerate all the achievements of India[neither I am a politician who will like to do the same]. But one hardly pays attention to those achievements today.

At the maximum sympathetic attitude, we attribute India having too much potential in manpower, wealth(may be black money), natural resources, but unable to tap it. Here again we blame the 'system'. True, the people are not corrupt, but the system is. But isn't the case everywhere else? India’s political structure is no more corrupt than any other nation. It is just that the Indian people needs to change its parameters to judge the situation of the country. The institutional failures or the systemic failures can only be corrected by the people facing it.

Lets be more grateful and  responsible citizens and consider this nation as a family where it is not feasible to put the precondition of  keeping all the pieces right. It is not wrong to put problems in perspective, but it is definitely wrong not to revel in what we excel. Self confidence not the false pride is the need of hour.

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