Sunday, 5 July 2015

My IAS interview

    Some details from Detailed Application Form submitted to UPSC
    Graduation- BTech from MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur in Computer science, completed in 2011
    Post Graduation- Mtech from IIT Kanpur  in Computer Science, completed in 2013
    Hobby- Blogging, Vipasana meditation
    Sports- Trekking and Badminton
    Optional - Geography
    Previous job experience- Worked as a software developer in US, worked as a guest faculty at MNIT Jaipur

    Board- David R. Syiemlieh, 29th June (Forenoon)
    (On light note) What happened to your foot(met a road accident a month ago)? 
    1. US - Wisconsin- famous industry, Detroit- famous industry? Why automobile industry is not flourishing there anymore?
    1. Why did u come back from US? what motivated you?
    1. Choice of cadre? Why not IFS? Why the interest is declining for IFS?
    1. Tribal provisions- constitutional and legislative ? Why Nagaland(5th and 6th schedule) is not there? How they are different?
    1. What are the different approaches for the development of  tribal? 

    1. Questions on blogging? Last blog post? Side effects of knowledge on human's mind (no question)
    1. Intercaste marriage, inequality? Caste hierarchy?
    1. What fascinates you in international affairs?
    1. What about USA women's president? Views? Why desirable? Are you a feminist? Political rights in USA?

    1. Geography application- why interdisciplinary? Mother of all the fields?
    1. Link with history? Which dictate what?
    1. What is spoils system? Why being used in US? Is it desirable in India?
    1. Permanent bureaucracy vs lateral entry?

    1. Different tribes in India, their distribution,  asked about one tribe in particular(gharaisya)?
    1. Tribal uprising during colonial times? Why no tribal uprising in Rajasthan?
    1. Which tribe helped Maharana pratap in Haldighati?
    1. Mining vs tribes? How to strike a balance?
    1. What job opportunities will u create for them? How will u bring them in mainstream? Use of technology?
    1. Criteria for declaring a tribe?
    1. What are the commonalities in all the tribes?

    1. Piezoelectric effect (couldn't answer)
    1. PARAM, recent supercomputer by India, its application? Which country has highest number of supercomputers ? Which country has fastest supercomputer? What speed ?
    1. NECERT's plan CLASS
    1. National waterways- name them
    1. Cyber security? Threats? How to handle them?
    1. why did you come back from US? Argued on the motivation to become an IAS (leaving high paying job)
    1. Why haven't you gone for teaching?

    1. MNIT jaipur (working as a guest faculty there), which subjects, which year?

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