Sunday, 5 July 2015

My IAS interview

    Some details from Detailed Application Form submitted to UPSC
    Graduation- BTech from MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur in Computer science, completed in 2011
    Post Graduation- Mtech from IIT Kanpur  in Computer Science, completed in 2013
    Hobby- Blogging, Vipasana meditation
    Sports- Trekking and Badminton
    Optional - Geography
    Previous job experience- Worked as a software developer in US, worked as a guest faculty at MNIT Jaipur

    Board- David R. Syiemlieh, 29th June (Forenoon)
    (On light note) What happened to your foot(met a road accident a month ago)? 
    1. US - Wisconsin- famous industry, Detroit- famous industry? Why automobile industry is not flourishing there anymore?
    1. Why did u come back from US? what motivated you?
    1. Choice of cadre? Why not IFS? Why the interest is declining for IFS?
    1. Tribal provisions- constitutional and legislative ? Why Nagaland(5th and 6th schedule) is not there? How they are different?
    1. What are the different approaches for the development of  tribal? 

    1. Questions on blogging? Last blog post? Side effects of knowledge on human's mind (no question)
    1. Intercaste marriage, inequality? Caste hierarchy?
    1. What fascinates you in international affairs?
    1. What about USA women's president? Views? Why desirable? Are you a feminist? Political rights in USA?

    1. Geography application- why interdisciplinary? Mother of all the fields?
    1. Link with history? Which dictate what?
    1. What is spoils system? Why being used in US? Is it desirable in India?
    1. Permanent bureaucracy vs lateral entry?

    1. Different tribes in India, their distribution,  asked about one tribe in particular(gharaisya)?
    1. Tribal uprising during colonial times? Why no tribal uprising in Rajasthan?
    1. Which tribe helped Maharana pratap in Haldighati?
    1. Mining vs tribes? How to strike a balance?
    1. What job opportunities will u create for them? How will u bring them in mainstream? Use of technology?
    1. Criteria for declaring a tribe?
    1. What are the commonalities in all the tribes?

    1. Piezoelectric effect (couldn't answer)
    1. PARAM, recent supercomputer by India, its application? Which country has highest number of supercomputers ? Which country has fastest supercomputer? What speed ?
    1. NECERT's plan CLASS
    1. National waterways- name them
    1. Cyber security? Threats? How to handle them?
    1. why did you come back from US? Argued on the motivation to become an IAS (leaving high paying job)
    1. Why haven't you gone for teaching?

    1. MNIT jaipur (working as a guest faculty there), which subjects, which year?


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  2. Hi Mam,
    Congrats! I have been following your blog for quite some time.I like the way you express yourself.
    Please share your strategy for geography optional.It will be very helpful.I am doing self study.I am struggling with this optional

    1. Hey Thanks for standing by..I would love to share my strategy for geography optional. But last year I got very less marks in geography(134 in both the papers). I am not sure if I am the right person to guide you. I am waiting for the final marks. If I find myself improved this time, I will surely come up with a new post. Apart from that, if you want to know something specific you can ask me, will try to answer :)

    2. Mam,so last time it was wholely because of your GS papers you cleared mains.Thats great!..I am sure you must have improved with geography as well.I would request you to kindly share the way you tackled GS papers especially ethics(the case studies part) and essay .I am bad at writing an essay and this time there were 2 essays so I am a little worried.Sorry if I am asking for more this will be my 2nd attempt but I am still not clear how things need to be done.

    3. Read your post with interest. I don't have much knowledge about the UPSC exam and process. However it's heartening to note that professionals like you who have high paying overseas jobs are Keen to join the administrative services and work for betterment of the Country and the masses. India needs more officers like you to achieve it's full potential.

  3. Hey! Jyoti
    Many many Congratulation. Quite impressive. I read your blogs. I hope you have got the right platform from where you can catapult your ideas/thoughts.

    1. Thank you Shivraj :)
      You are right, by God's grace I got right platform, right persons around me at right time. :)

  4. Hi first of all congrats jyoti , as I have also faced interview in cse 2014 but couldn't succeed .so wat I thinks is tat my marks in mains is not good .so I have so queries which are following: u prepare for mains gs ( strategy ,time plan, revision ,books vs net,focussed on all paper or some defensive strategy) u prepare a topic and content ( positive ,negative,also source of ur study material like books magazine)
    3.Did u attempted all questions or limited; how u balance attempt more question or less content ya vice versa)
    4.wat bout writing style ( highlighting or marking answers in copy )
    5.wat is ur strength and weakness in writing mains gs paper
    6.why in interview u have been asked lot of tribal issue and questions ( is it related to DAF or something else)
    I want to rectify my mistakes so if u can help me , reason is tat as u said u don't have good marks in optionals so please help me also yar,pls reply my queries

  5. Hi Arvind,
    Thank you very much.. I will come up with detailed post in few days. For the time being, I am trying to answer your questions in short.
    1. You have also cleared mains, so it would be better if you follow your own strategy. I used to study for 5-6 hours on regular basis. I used both books and net. I didnt pay much attention to revision ( and now i think that was the biggest mistake). I didnt focus on low yielding and less interesting things, like culture.
    2. For static content I followed syllabus topics only. And for dynamic portion, I used to read paper thoroughly. I referred Yojana and editorials for essay
    3. In GS I, GS II, I was able to attend all the questions, but the last ones lacked the quality. In GS III, I missed 2-3 questions, and I was not able to attend case study properly (another mistake of time management in Ethics paper)
    4. My aim was to attend the all. But it varied from paper to paper. I would like to give weightage to the quality rather than the length.
    5. I had highlighting in my mind, and used it in starting questions. Later it get diluted.
    6. Its plainly my observation- I got decent marks in Essay(134) and Ethics(99), So I think I am not very good at replicating the things I have already read, and better in analyzing new things with new perspectives
    And I am not sure if I said something about tribals, neither I have mentioned it in DAF, except the fact that I am a ST candidate. The topic was initiated by David Sir, and later continued by rest of the members.

  6. Thanks buddy for replying just one doubt : R u preparing for cse 2015 or got ,wat u wanted (service)

  7. It will depend on the service I get. I am expecting IRS(IT). But personally I think I have lot to improve, so most likely, I am going to appear this time.

  8. Hey buddy will u tell us your score in mains papers and personality test

  9. I got 844 in total.
    Essay- 104 (way poor than last year)
    GSI- 86
    GSII- 72
    GSIV- 94
    GeoI- 101
    GeoII- 130 (better here)

    1. Please share your strategy for geography paper 2.did you take any coaching?Sorry, if I am annoying

    2. @Invincible..I didnt take any coaching. But I took written notes of alok ranjan from market for geography 2. Apart from that, with the changing pattern, geo2 is becoming more and General Studies type. For conceptual clarity I referred Khullar and Majid Hussain. And for new updates and stats, I used internet. My main weakness was not to draw diagrams and maps which one should focus upon. Hope it helps..

  10. Hello,
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  11. I am currently 3rd Year student at IIT Delhi in mechanical engineering but I have some issues like I taken loan from bank to study. So to repay I think I have to go for psu with 4th year then I am thinking to preparation for RAS. According to you how will it be.
    Mostly time I am being confused that Am I choosing right path or not .?
    Please told me it's okay or not?


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