Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Perfect Man- Another Rare species

    In continuation to my previous post- Good girl: A rare species , here is another bucket of expectation for another half section of the world: The Man.
      1. Mard ko dard ni hota: A good boy should know how to control his emotions all the time. Being emotional is the prerogative of women. He should know how to fight, otherwise he will be considered as a girl wearing bangles " hathh wich chudiya pehndi h kya". Be a man, dude.
      1. All men are dogs: generalization hurt them most which sometimes make them least trustworthy
      1. Are you a Momma's boy or a joru ka gulam? He has to strike a very fine balance throughout his life by juggling in between
      1. If you want to marry a suitable girl, either you should be Einstein, i.e., lucrative career or you should be born with a silver spoon, i.e rich enough to impress upon your life partner and to carry forward your love story.
      2. How can he earn less than his other half: Not necessary his ego is pressurizing him but the society for sure.
      3. List of husband material is not that short: strong and soft at the same time.
      4. Centre of the family unit while maintaining work life balance
      Boss: These files should get compiled by tomorrow
      Ma: Beta, Ghootno me soojan h jaldi aa (Son, my knees are swelled up, come fast)
      Wife: what have you brought on our 10th wedding anniversary
      1. "Ladies first" syndrome dealing with the pseudo feminists
      2. He should always buy coffee/dinner/gift for his lady for his family, as if his wallet has some self generating capacity
      3. Boy should propose first (this rule is written in holy books). A man who cant make her girl laugh doesn’t deserve her. He should be tall, dark and handsome or chocolaty boy. He should be good at sports, dance, romance, guitar. And O boy, how dare you judging me by my looks?
      4. Additional responsibilities are always on his head by default: running the business of family, present on funeral (chita nu aag kon dega), ghar ka chirag, Aankho ka tara(apple of the eye), Bhudaape ka sahara
      5. Even in legal arena his capacity is defined- A man cannot nurture a child hence the most of the decisions go in favor of women in case of judicial separation. Neither anyone questions the moral and legal duties of a man to pay maintenance and alimony to a working wife during separation. At what level the misuse of 498A of IPC is going on.
      We have to admit that in the present setup even men also face discrimination and it will be utterly foolish to consider that they are the only privileged one because of their sex.
      While the feminist wave has certainly defined new roles for women as a breadwinner instead of traditional cook, but no such wave has taken birth to let a man be emotional enough to express himself.

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