Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Benefit of doubt

A human being is inherently good at heart who wont do any harm to others. When we judge someone, we assume act of omission or commission on the part of the other person and began doubting their intention and unknowingly create grudges. This creates distance in relations. Being a social animal, it should worry us because we jeopardize so many relations on daily basis. An easy way out is: always give benefit of doubt even to your enemy, don’t just assume some/other thing. Whatever he/she is doing has some reason, whatever he/she is has a story behind it. Even in worse conditions, always try to lean towards a favorable view of someone.

Whatever said above, it doesn’t imply that human doesn’t make mistakes, "Being human is to err". We as a human being has a tendency to paint a person on the basis of his/her past mistakes and justify it by saying "Once bitten twice shy". Again, we are seizing away the opportunity from that person to come clean in future. May be that is the reason human being is not inclined to make honest admissions of his mistake which further spreads distrust. Because deep down inside he/she has fear of being judged. This results in wall of secrecy even in very close relations.

This further deteriorates if the person who is judging is part of larger gossip club because then he is imposing his perception on others too. And again being the same human and tendency to assume it to be true, others also form opinion. And the cycle goes on.

Don’t judge people because indirectly it means you are denying what you are not by putting that blame on others. Also, some day you can be in their place too. Better, you treat everyone the way you want them to treat you.

Forgive and forget and start with a new beginning each and every time there is a downturn.

f(t): Function of Time

Time is the best yet most strict teacher in life. Its value lies in its irreversibility.
Every moment, every event, every feeling, to be more general every thing is a function of time. Earth is a function of time resulting in a habitable place. Geo morphological phenomena is a function of time resulting in changing landscape. A river makes its way through hardest of the hard rocks with the power of time. All the mathematical equations are function of time talking about ΔT. All economics studies on comparative figures are based on time. 
Pick a subject, and you can attribute its essence in time.

Healing is also a function of time. A relation develops and deteriorates over time. Emotions fade in and fade out over the time.

Time is something God has granted to everyone without any discrimination leaving the discretion to us what to do with that. Life is made up of time, smallest unit being moment.  Good times, bad times are just the labeling of a phase. In reality, time is the most unbiased and neutral entity.

Right time is the key to achieving any goal. When a person is on death bed, the only thing he regrets is "Had I done this at that time, I would have been happy".  If you play around time, it will hit you like anything at some other time.

Indeed, time is a fourth dimension, present in every tangible and intangible object. It explains why should we write date and time on the top of any page, why diaries can be a beautiful gift to someone, why to make timetable before planning something big. Time indeed has a wonderful way to show what really matters. 

I will try my best to give respect to time which is an incredible inspiration to everyone. 

(Don’t) Waste the Thunder, Recycle

6:30 PM, I pressed the doorbell of my flat. As I was waiting for my brother to open the door, my eyes fell on a dozen cold drink bottles ...